Shoppers across the globe have shifted their mode of shopping from desktops to mobile screens. In the US alone, Amazon serves more than 98 million mobile customers. This itself is proof that the digital shift has set in, and there is no more looking back. All thanks to a pandemic, businesses across the globe have fully digitised their solutions. The same goes for the online shopping industry. People use their mobile devices to shop for anything and everything. So if you are an Amazon Seller, optimising your store for mobile shoppers is important. To be more precise, in order to become a successful seller, be ready to provide an immersive experience for your customers irrespective of the screens they use.

Amazon Ads on Mobile and Desktop

The differences are quite evident. Desktop ads are expansive. And can give the opportunity for the customers to take a deeper look into your products. Customers can also see in-depth product details, comparisons, and more. When it comes to mobile screens, the most successful amazon ads can be extremely profitable. But it also means that if your ads are in 3rd or 4th position, then there are lower chances of getting visibility or sales.

As you can see, mobile Ads have a challenge here. On a mobile device, the ads can display very less information, and it is not easy to attract customers’ attention. Ads on the desktop will allow your customers to dive deep into your product details as well as your website if any.

Amazon ads on mobile devices have the potential to spotlight only a few details such as title, product images, price, and count. The customer will have to click on the ad or scroll down to find out more about your product. So that’s an effort that the customers have to make by seeing your ad. To boost your search ranking, the Amazon seller must invest in well-planned Amazon PPC campaigns.

Steps To Optimise your Amazon listing for Mobile Screens

  1. Your product title must be 80 characters.
  2. By displaying not more than seven of your best product images, you can increase the page loading speed.
  3. The first 200 characters of your product description should compile the important highlights of your product.
  4. Make sure to keep your features section short and sweet.
  5. Your product titles must be readable and attractive.

Essential Components of Mobile Amazon Ads include:

  1. Product name
  2. Customer ratings
  3. Product price
  4. Promotions
  5. CTA (wide-screen)
  6. Options for colour and size


One may think that mobile and desktop must have many differences, which a sole proprietor may find difficult to manage. Hence, business owners must consider opting for an experienced virtual staff that can easily help juggle all the balls. We hope the information given above helped you understand the same. As time goes by, it becomes mandatory that business owners pay major attention to mobile-driven plans.
One of the key ingredients that make your Amazon PPC efforts profitable is the visual appeal factor. If you are Amazon sellers who juggle multiple responsibilities while running your e-commerce startup, then optimising your PPC strategy for mobile and desktop might be difficult. This is where our Amazon PPC management solutions can relieve you of some of your marketing duties.
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