A step-by-step Guide to filing a relevant
Amazon Suspension Appeal

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Amazon account suspensions might sound common but they aren’t.

Amazon suspends accounts at a high rate, and they are not just for flagrant rule breakers but also for those who do that out of ignorance. An account may also be suspended based on underperformance.

Here’s how to write and file a relevant Amazon suspension appeal so that you can have your business up and running in little to no time.

Resolving the outstanding issues

Your account has been suspended and it’s always best to resolve the outstanding issues first. Although it may seem like getting in touch with Amazon right away is the best thing to do, it isn’t always right. There are chances that business owners might feel upset and might not be able to think clearly about the issue before filing a suspension appeal.

Hence, it is always best to consider the account and address any unresolved issues before contacting Amazon right away. This may include reviewing open support tickets and responding to your customer’s queries before they end up being upset.

It is also important to consider your account health and make the necessary adjustments to further enhance it for better service and offerings.

It is a great idea to use Amazon’s Account Health Rating (AHR), which is shown on the Account Health page for sellers, to check out the health of your account.

It helps you keep an eye on the health of your account in terms of compliance with Amazon’s various policies. This can also help you keep an eye on policy violations and helps you deal with them effectively.

Furthermore, it also considers how your account affects the customer’s experience and offers useful metrics. A healthy account also helps with the relevant suspension appeal. Once any violations have been corrected, keep in mind that it could take up to two days for your rating to update.

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Determine the reason for account suspension

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Evaluating the reason for the suspension is the next and most crucial step in the process. Reading the suspension notice will help you to determine the Amazon policies that are violated. Furthermore, consulting the account health and Amazon’s policies, agreements, and guidelines page can be significantly helpful.

You may also raise a ticket to enquire further about the cause of suspension. Because Amazon will delay your appeal if they find your email some crucial information. Hence it is essential to already have sufficient knowledge in place when writing an appeal.

In general, the reasons for Amazon’s suspension could land under the following two umbrellas: either the seller has failed to abide by the policy that they agreed on when they signed up for an account, or the seller’s performance has fallen below the minimal acceptable level in one or more areas.

Creating a Plan Of Action (POA)

Creating and developing a plan of action is one of the most important parts of the process.

When deciding whether to lift the suspension, Amazon examines this plan of action and the information you provide to the platform. Needless to say that businesses need to get this part right to get their businesses in operational mode.

A successful POA demonstrates that you have identified the problem and its root cause. This also shows that you are aware of the following steps that must be taken to evade the same. This further explains that you are in the process of putting those steps into action.
You must further inform Amazon of the changes you are making to your systems, tools, processes, or procedures to ensure that the issues mentioned by Amazon don’t occur again.

Simply apologizing might not work, rather businesses should promise to be more cautious in the future. A relevant plan of action includes specific information that demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the problem. Being direct and specific is crucial and hence one should avoid using general, ambiguous words such as “sometimes,” “many,” or “few.” Rather it’s best to use figures and correct deadlines.

Ensure that you are also following the right guidelines to write the perfect POA.

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Wait for Amazon’s response

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The odds of Amazon restoring your account within 24 hours are 7 out of 10 if your appeal and action plan are put together perfectly.
Amazon may take longer to respond if the suspension has occurred for the third, or fourth time.

Amazon may occasionally reject your appeal and action plan; in this case, you must carefully read their response and respond to questions from their side.

In case your appeal is rejected it is always better to enhance it further. As this is quite a complicated process, it is advisable to get legal counsel before taking your appeal to the next level as this is probably your last chance to keep your Amazon Seller Account.

Ensure avoiding suspensions in the future

As the competition continues to grow an Amazon seller must follow a seemingly endless list of dos and don’ts to survive in the space. This goes beyond the basics of monitoring sales, advertisements, and inventory. Businesses must keep a track of all internal and external factors, which may be difficult to do with consistent and daily business efforts.

Following are some steps you can take to prevent Amazon account suspensions:

  • Monitor strong and aggressive competitors while simultaneously keeping a close check on your brand and the market. Online business creation is simple, but protecting it from sly opportunists is challenging.
  • Keep a close eye on the activity in your account. If the Amazon algorithm detects that you are performing poorly, it might lead to suspension.

  • Instead of purchasing fake customer reviews, always ensure to obtain real customer feedback.
  • If you can’t recover your current account, it is always best to not make another account with the same name. Amazon may assume that you are managing multiple accounts, which is against Amazon policies.
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Competitor Research and Market Analysis

In a nutshell

Needless to say that a suspension notice can be a tough pill to swallow. Sellers who have never had their account suspended before and who are unaware of the process are much more likely to panic and struggle as they wish to have their account up and running as soon as possible for business continuity.

We hope that the above-mentioned steps have helped you navigate the process of suspension appeal and getting your business on Amazon reinstated.

Ready to get back to selling on Amazon? Let our team of experts help you navigate the complicated suspension appeal process and get your account reinstated! With years of experience and a proven track record, we’re the perfect partner for your reinstatement journey. Don’t let suspension hold you back any longer – get in touch with us today and let’s get your Amazon success story back on track!

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