A successful occupancy as a seller imbibes multiple dimensions, which can be baffling for many. With the huge inflation of internet usage over the few years, every eCommerce seller has to face numerous standards of maintenance. The same applies for Amazon and that is where The Appeal team comes in. We present to you a holistic approach towards maintaining, improving and re-instating (if required) your seller account.

A significant and unique experience of 12 years of selling ourselves allows us to cover a wide range of services including :

  1. seller account suspension appeal – we help to get you selling again within 24 hours
  2. seller account health – we keep your account health within the limits with our expertise
  3. business and sales support – we help you grow, not only sustain

Our team is a panel of experienced experts who are passionate about your business and are keen to help sellers to succeed in their online venture and re-establish their suspended accounts is at all needed. We have an exceptional crew with proficiency in seller account suspension re-instatement who ensure that the appeal generate for you is the best possible one. our appeal teams have dealt with extreme cases of suspensions lasting from months and years and assisted the sellers out of trouble.

As of date, Appeal Guru caters for all marketplace domains across the world. We customise our services and packages according to your requirements integrated with the respective domain policies. Through our proficiency, dedication and nuanced perspectives, we bring out for you the most needed service conferring to your seller account’s prerequisite.

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