Empowering Suppliers and Sellers:
Bridging the Gap Between Supply and Demand

Are you a supplier looking to expand your reach and connect with international buyers? Your search ends here! At the Appeal Guru, we specialize in helping suppliers like you navigate the complexities of product sourcing and connect with a vast network of global buyers.
Join us and unlock a world of growth opportunities for your business.

Benefits for Brand Owners

Benefits for Sellers

Expanded Brand Offering:
We provide exclusive ASIN contracts, allowing you to select which products you want to offer in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and other available marketplaces.
Opportunity to Work with Popular Brands:
Partnering with Appeal Guru gives you the opportunity to collaborate with popular brands, expanding your network and enhancing your brand’s reputation.
Improved Cash Flow:
All orders will be paid upfront by resellers, reducing your cash flow concerns and ensuring timely revenue generation.
Brand Authorization Letter (LOA):
You’ll receive a brand authorization letter, giving you the necessary credentials to sell your products effectively.
More Time for Research and Product Catalog Expansion:
With our partnership, you can free up time that would otherwise be spent on managing logistics and fulfillment. This allows you to focus on research and adding more products to your brand catalog.
Exclusivity for Purchased ASINs:
Enjoy exclusivity for the ASINs you purchase, reducing competition and maximizing your brand’s visibility.
Dedicated Account Manager:
We assign a dedicated account manager to assist you with pricing strategies and other aspects of the partnership, providing personalized support for your brand’s success.
Minimum Risk of Suspension:
We implement measures to minimize the risk of account suspension, ensuring a smooth selling experience for your brand.
Low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):
Our program offers a low MOQ, allowing you to start with smaller quantities and scale up as your brand grows.
Ready-Made Brand to Sell:
We provide a ready-made brand that you can start selling right away.
ASINs with Existing Reviews:
Benefit from our selection of ASINs with existing reviews, helping you establish credibility and boost sales from the start.
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Brands We Work With

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