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Selling on Amazon is a 100% PROVEN ecommerce business model. There are already many successful ecommerce business owners making substantial amount of revenue from running their own Amazon stores.

Store owners are able to generate a good income for themselves as long as they are willing to put time and effort into this proven business model.

Our team of experts will dedicate their time to your selling account and mentor you to take the necessary steps to become a significant e-commerce trader! Our team will be there to support you to grow your business and bring you the expertise we have.

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  • Appeal Guru Limited is offering to provide consultancy work for Clients for their e-commerce business based on Amazon selling portal.
  • Our team of experts will scout the best selling products for you.
  • We will make sure we mentor you to build a successful e-commerce profile.
  • We will monitor your account constantly and advise you what to do!
  • Our team will make this extremely easy and we guarantee this proven method will make your jaw drop when you see how quickly the sales in your store can significantly grow in the next few months!
  • Our team of experts work very hard – day and night, to ensure we build a sustainable business for our clients.


Account Creation

Account Settings and Integration (Softwares, Payoneer etc.)

Account Managing

Amazon FBA

Amazon DropShipping

Monthly Reports of Income and Expenses

Finding products and creating effective listings

Account Health Support

A-to-Z Solutions

Customer Management

Suspend Support

Feedback Campaigns

Creating a work model specifically designed according to your vision


We have assisted many online retailers to build their businesses. Our experience allows us to provide insights to our consultants, so you can avoid the costly mistakes that many other online retailers have made. For detailed information, you can always contact us.

Order Processing

How to use softwares to manage your business effectively

How to use Helium10 and Keepa

How to deal with account health and suspensions

Ultimate guide to manage and keep customers pleased

Service Packages

We offer different packages, it is your choice to select which plan works best for you.
We are 100% confident in our business model, please do contact us to discuss your business growth plan.

Features Course Store Management 1-1 Coaching ONLY
Description For Owners Who want to improve their Amazon store skills and enhance growth For Owners who want to partner with our Expert and work on a profit share model. For Owners who want that 1 to 1 support and get direct coaching from seasoned Amazon Dropshipping selling experts
Duration Agreement Term at least 1 Year for new store Agreement Term at least 1 Year for new store 45 Days
Monthly Cost / Profit Share Monthly fixed costs £495.00 / 50% profit share Monthly fixed costs £1495.00 / 50% profit share
Products 5000 Products up to 20,000 Products unlimited (Self Managed)
No Trademark Issues
Marketplace Coverage 5 marketplaces All Marketplaces 6 marketplaces
Technical Support
Account Health Advice
Suspension Prevention Plan
Appeal Support For Suspensions
Full Automated Store (Full Management)
Setup Cost USD $7995 $12995 $5995

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