Homie Homie Amazon PPC Case study

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Homie Homie is an online home & accessories marketplace across the UK, focusing on fringe artists & studios’ products. We appreciate the beauty of creation from the ground, and hope everyone is able to pursue the true passion bravely. So we collab with fringe artists & studios, and give them support.

And mostly importantly, give the market new colours to see. So you can discover fringe products that’s rarely found elsewhere, and bring them home with indescribable satisfaction.


Problem:- Inability to achieve a high profit

Clients Requirements: Making Brand Competitive and Profitable


Hire Amazon PPC Experts from The Appeal Guru imges
  • We did a detailed analysis and developed a strategy to maximise the sales. We started with sponsored product campaigns targeting keywords, which allowed us to attract customers at the buying stage at the bottom of the marketing funnel.
  • We focused on longer tail brand keywords to continue to defend the brand.
  • We created Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand campaigns to increase brand recognition and product rankings
  • We created a staggering PPC campaign and optimized keywords to target a wider audience.
  • Listing optimisation: the quality of the listing and photos is very important, so we updated photos, improved the quality of content, added keywords etc. to attract more customers and help in better sales conversion.
  • We also calculated that the cost of vouchers was a small investment compared to the benefit generated and began running discount vouchers which helped us to increase the conversion rate on the sessions that are generated on these product listings.
  • We created a staggering PPC campaign and optimized keywords to target a wider audience.
  • We closely monitored campaigns and dynamic change bids to help them reach their target ACoS.
Campaign Management 2



January PPC Sales (Before our service) :
Sales: $159842.11
ACOS: 22.67%


February PPC Sales (After our service) :
Sales: $212801.40
ACOS: 19.99%