Meta title – Must-Know Amazon PPC strategies in 2022 | Pay-Per-Click Strategies

Meta description- Boost your business sales by incorporating Amazon PPC strategies. These strategies are highly effective for generating organic traffic and high ranking.

What is Amazon PPC or Pay Per Click?

Amazon Pay Per Click is an advertising campaign. This is an Amazon platform that allows third-party sellers to advertise their products. The seller has to make a small amount of payment which promotes their products exponentially and attracts more customers. The seller pays per click every time a customer views their product.

How Amazon’s key measure PPC metrics

  • Cost of Sales on advertisement
    It is the percentage of assigned sales spent on advertising. It is simply calculated by dividing the sum of all total advertisements by the assigned sales.
  • Assigned Sales
    It is also known as attributed sales, which is the sum of total product sales that are generated in one week by clicking the ad.
  • Impressions/ Click
    It tells how many times your advertisement was displayed on a particular platform or channel.

Design A Perfect Amazon PPC Strategy

Following are the fundamental steps to building an effective Amazon PPC management strategy-

  1. Try out every variable of the PPC advertising campaign available. Become creative by testing manual and automatic keyword targets. At last, see what works for you the best.
  2. Research on detailed keywords. You can take the help of various dictionaries and word-building applications. Focus on your keyword as well as the keywords your competitors use for their products.
  3. In the initial stages set out a daily budget and bids that are a minimum of 50 percent higher than the recommendation by Amazon.
  4. Run the advertisement campaign at least two weeks before creating a report and trying out adjustments.
  5. Take the help of your advertisement report that you have generated from automatic campaigns to search the keyword for the manual campaigns.
  6. Even if something is bothering you regarding a keyword, do not remove it from the manual campaign until it gets 10- 15 clicks.
  7. Make sure to review your advertisement report every week. Try to play with the keywords and adjust them as per requirements.

Bonus Strategies!

Rank Optimization

Enhance the rank of your product listing on the Amazon SERP. Work on three sets of advertisement campaigns. The bids and budget attributed to each keyword depend on the Amazon SERP.

Group Variations

It sounds better to have multiple variations of your product so they can have a high chance to be listed as child ASINs. But the reality is far from this. What happens is your variation might cancel each other out because of competition. It will also require more money and more manpower to run each ad campaign. It is better to handle this problem by grouping the individual variation in a single package and afterward selling it under a special ASIN.

Why is Amazon PPC essential for sellers?

There is a demand for digitalization all across the world and because of this, there is immense growth in the eCommerce business. Marketing is all about competition and to stay in the competition it is crucial to have an effective strategy to boost your growth. Amazon PPC is the best way to have a firm position in the organic ranking by reaching your customer and gathering organic ranking.