Spicom Amazon PPC Casestudy

SPICOM TRADING LTD is one of UK’s leading wholesale distributors of over 1000 high-quality products and stocks a large range of goods ranging from Kitchen Appliances, Cooling Appliances, Home Accessories, Personal Care, Sport Accessories, Home Decor, House Hold, Baby Care, Toys, Clocks, Accessories & Tools and more. SPICOM’s strength is in securing Branded Clearance parcels. SPICOM offers high-quality products without compromising on customer service and has built up a high reputation for selling high-quality products.

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Problem:- Unable to manage their entire amazon account and to grow their business.

Clients Requirements

  • New Product Creation
  • Parentages
  • Listing Optimization
  • Brand Store
  • A+ Content
  • PPC


Hire Amazon PPC Experts from The Appeal Guru imges
  • New Product Creation – SPICOM has a new pipeline of products to launch, so we created a strategic plan to launch the products and gain market share.
  • Parentages: Many of their existing products had varieties of color and sizes but had no parentages and only a few ASINs were ranking very well. So we created parentages to boost sales on the products that needed to increase sales.
  • Listing Optimization: Focused on SEO optimization of existing listings that had very low sales conversion to improve their ranking, in,dexing and traffic.
  • Brand Store: After optimizing the listings and A+ creation, we created a brand store and linked all products to the store to create a rich shopping experience and increase engagement.
  • PPC Campaigns: They were running few campaigns with less than optimal results. While they had a high number of impressions but had consistently high ACOS which showed that they were targeting the wrong audience. So we created sponsored product campaigns with the main keywords and competitors to attract the maximum amount of traffic.
  • A+ Content: In order to boost sales conversion, we created A+ Content to showcase the product’s features and benefits with the help of enhanced product images, and text placements on the product detail page.
  • With the improvement of both the product listing and the advertising campaign, sales increased compared to previous years. Listing optimization and PPC campaigns played the major role in achieving the goal.
Campaign Management 2



Monthly Ordered Sales: £27,055.22
PPC Sales: £119.02


After :
Monthly Ordered Sales: £77,188.13
PPC Sales: £22302.12