Amazon is a purely customer centric industry and imbibes strict rules to be followed by every seller who wishes to join in the market place. A small misplacement of your performance can easily lead to seller account suspension, which can be an exasperating situation for a general seller. We are there to give you expert advice and help you re-instate your account.Wide experience on the platforms helps our team to handle suspension reasons such as :

  1. policy violations – Product safety ( including used products, expired product) complaints, Product description differences, Prohibited items
  2. Poor account health status – high Oder Defect, Late dispatch and Pre-fulfilment rates, confirmation of orders before dispatch
  3. Inauthenticity of products – Inauthentic item complaint from customers
  4. Related Accounts – Situation where one seller has (accidentally got) more than one account
  5. Copyright infringement of products – Intellectual property right from another seller

Working with suspensions in all the above listed areas, we are able to appeal in the exact fashion as required by seller performance team. They also understands that mistakes do happen, and we shall help you resolve them so that you are re-instated successfully.

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