Any seller who sells on Amazon must be aware of the seller account suspension due to inauthentic complaints. And this is why it is one of the major issues many are currently facing.

However, it is one of the most complicated issues to resolve because Amazon is quite sensitive about customer complaints. It is understandable, as Amazon is the world’s biggest online marketplace and must maintain a high reputation. Selling inauthentic goods on the site may cause serious harm to the website and also to other merchants. The underlying causes of these suspensions can vary, but there are still ways to safeguard your business from unjustified bans, like the use of invoicing.

Importance of Invoices

It might be difficult to validate your goods if you lack an invoice from the manufacturer or brand owner. Your account might get suspended for a minor customer complaint, and then you would need to resubmit the supporting documentation. Amazon must verify that the goods you sell are authentic.

Keeping all the documents in good condition and working with trustworthy suppliers will be more beneficial for you in future. Also, you can request for authority letter to resell their goods. Be always careful in business and you will be on the safer side.

It is useful to have approved invoices that accurately describe the product’s name, amount, description, and sales of the previous 365 days of sales. You should be acquainted with the supplier’s website, phone number, and e-mail address. Without this information, your appeal may be dismissed or refused.

Also, do not make any changes to the invoices. It is better to have no invoice than to be caught by manipulated ones.

Complaints about fake goods.

Complaints about fake goods may end in the instant deactivation of your account. Furthermore, these situations are more difficult because the seller’s performance mandates a retraction from the owner, putting you in their hands. It is still possible to succeed without a retraction, but only with the assistance of a professional appeal service.

Complaints about Packaging.

When a customer receives his product in good condition, it helps you. Another reason for inauthentic complaints is old or damaged packaging. If your account has been suspended, then you should start with a proper, detailed, and professional Plan of Action.

The Appeal Guru Amazon Suspension Prevention Service

Self-made plans usually lack proper explanations, and they hardly receive the attention of the Seller Performance Team. It lowers your chances of a final good choice. Get our Amazon Suspension Prevention service to protect your company from any type of suspension. After all, the stronger you start, the better you will succeed. Also, keep valid documentation for each item in your seller account inventory to ensure that your account never gets suspended.