Amazon has gained remarkable popularity because of its solid foundation from the start. It has always been ahead of the time knowing the upcoming requirement of the customer before the customer itself. Amazon incorporated so easily with our society and norms that it is now almost a part of every household. Of course, many factors play an important role in this success but there is one special skill and strategy that Amazon has mastered over the years. The strategy is an effective way to handle social media marketing.

Let’s understand how they manage social media marketing in depth.

Building Customer Engagement at Every stage

First, we start with what we know about Amazon’s review system. Amazon’s sole driving factor is its customer hence, customer review is everything that matters to Amazon. It works on the strategy of gathering customers’ reviews before and after any purchase. These reviews are constantly promoted and every product that is available on the Amazon list has a star rating system. These star ratings are given by customers via reviews and queries.

Reviews are considered one of the top-notch models for Amazon. Since Amazon is a digital platform the trust issue will always be the weak point of the business. To gain customers’ support they constantly work toward the authenticity of the product and the seller account. Hence, the previous reviews act as guidance for the authenticity of the product for new buyers.

There is no doubt that Amazon is known for its standing as a customer-driven network. Therefore it is crucial to generate genuine reviews on the platform to prevent any kind of problem such as Amazon suspensions in the future because of their strict policy.


Amazon takes the help of Facebook to highlight the products and provide coupons. Facebook works as a promotional platform for Amazon where it gives discounts and further increases the sale by using different encouraging strategies. Whenever there is a festive season or special day Facebook becomes a major source for gift ideas and discounts. In this way, Amazon works as community building by making it easy for the customer to decide and purchase the product of their wish.


Around the festive season and important days people always get confused about gifts, but you can link your product to that occasion in a creative way to promote it. There are high chances of your sales boosting and increase in customer engagement.


Pinterest is not connected to Amazon directly but serves as an extension of the source. Pinterest is one of the popular social media sites where users like to spend hours and hours. It is known for its collection of ideas and for creating a vision for a certain lifestyle. When customers find a product they like on Pinterest they go directly to the seller’s website to make a purchase.

Tip– Create your account on Pinterest that is linked to your seller account and add pest images of your products.


It is an Amazon app and is created to form social engagement that will guide directly to product purchases. It is like a blend of Instagram and Pinterest. The users sign up and are asked to choose topics of interest from the menu which consists of product varieties as well as lifestyle tips and recommendations.

Tip– Create your account on spark right now to get the maximum benefits from Amazon.

Word For Motivation

Amazon believes in a booming and engaging community. The best advice would be to try as many forms of customer engagement as you can. Start from collecting data or analysing reports and always be aware of the world having a fair amount of perspective on future requirements. Like Amazon focus, all your hard work toward the benefits of customers and you shall be greatly rewarded!