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Marketplace Fair Price

Recently, many sellers’ accounts have been suspended because of Amazon’s new policy. A lack of knowledge is the primary factor in most suspensions. Therefore, sellers must have a thorough understanding of the Amazon Market Fair Price Policy. This policy aims to ensure the customer’s ease and secure customer rights. Read further about the market fair pricing policy, and additional violations that can cause the prevention of your account.

Amazon Definition of Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy

When determining the shipping cost, Amazon considers present rates, reasonable handling costs, and consideration of the needs of the customer. According to the Amazon market fair price policy, any pricing structure that weakens customer trust must suspend. The following established guidelines are the violations that a seller should be aware of.

  1. Setting a product reference price that deceives consumers
  2. By putting a higher price on the product compared to recent offers made on Amazon.
  3. Offering a product in multiples for a higher price per unit than a single unit.
  4. Adding a shipping charge to a large purchase.
marketplace fair policy

Other Violations That Can Result in Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy Suspensions Are-

The seller must be aware of numerous other violations that could result in a suspension. The seller must be aware of many other violations that might trigger a suspension. Because many sellers are unaware of these violations, they are more likely to be suspended, even if they have no intention of violating Amazon’s Terms of Service, or TOS. The following are the additional violations which are also regarded as harmful to customer trust if they result in price inflation:

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  1. Fails to detect pricing mistakes for inventory in the essential: categories of food, health, home, baby, industrial, scientific, pet, and personal care products.
  2. Failure to regularly monitor prices: Prices should be checked daily because an Amazon bot may detect a price increase on a product before the seller is aware of the violation.
  3. Failure to remove problematic inactive inventory will also result in a suspension.
  4. Failure to check software settings: If pricing settings aren’t set up properly, the software will automatically increase prices on a product to mitigate competitors’ higher pricing for that product.
  5. Giving account access to virtual assistants and third-party companies without proper screening.

The Appeal Guru Tips To Prevent Fair Pricing Policy Suspensions

  1. Don’t set high prices for necessities
  2. Devote extra time to comparing prices for essential products:
  3. Assess expertise in Amazon TOS for virtual assistants and third-party companies:
  4. Pay close attention to pricing software
  5. Check for inactive inventory regularly
  6. Examine each bulk-item listing
  7. Analyse every shipping charge

Stay Away From Fair Price Suspension

It is best to consult a professional such as The Appeal Guru if your seller account has been suspended. We will make required adjustments to the seller account such as logistics, and inventory for an Amazon appeal.

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