Flawlessly Optimise Your Amazon Product Listing

Learn to optimise your Amazon product listing to attract more customers. Mastering Amazon’s ranking is the best way to achieve success.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization

It is important to make your first impression good for your customer. When launching a product, work hard on your Amazon product listing. You should focus on the integrity of your whole website and how quickly it can capture your customer’s attention and hold it for long enough. The higher the attention rate, the higher will be your conversion rate.

The Right Arrangement of Keywords

Keywords are the major tool for your product to be indexed on Amazon. To ensure your keywords are in the correct format and arrangement, understand the right form of hierarchy.

  • Incorporate the keyword in your title so that it will quickly reach the customer.
  • This increases the chances of your selectivity by saving customers time and satisfying their inquiries.
  • Use easy language structure for better engagement.
  • Use bullet points to highlight the important information.
  • You can be as descriptive as you like about the product because you are the only source to rely on.

High-Quality Product Image

As mentioned above, keywords are an important tool for product indexing, but without the great image of your product, it cannot help in the long haul. Your product’s image should be sufficiently impactful to catch your customer’s attention and appeal to them to continue. All this while, don’t forget to keep up with Amazon standards-

  • The image has a white background, well lit and focused.
  • Use all the 7 image slots to display your product.
  • Add infographics and lifestyle images of the product
  • Hire a professional photographer for the best results.

Competition In Marketplace Price

It isn’t easy to set a price for an Amazon product listing in the initial stages. It is safe for the seller to attract customers by putting a low price on some of the products. But, once your product is reviewed nicely and well established, customers may be ready to pay high.

Once you stay in the market, you can set prices within the range of your competitors.

  • Before setting a price, be cautious of your product’s and marketplace’s highs and lows.
  • If you are setting a special price, do it only when you are confident to tackle all the challenges that might come.
  • Research your product as much as possible and match it with the customer requirements.
  • This way, you might be able to guess or put a correct price range for your product.

Power of Reviews

Achieving plenty of reviews not only shows the relevance of your product in the marketplace, but they play a crucial role in your Amazon product listing. Be mindful to keep everything within Amazon TOS while you are receiving reviews from customers. Amazon can detect the reviews from your family members and friends and might penalise you, so be careful about it. The best way to survive is to put all your hard work into your product and serve your customer; positive reviews will naturally come.