Receiving an email of account suspension could be potentially terrible for your online business.  Most of the time it is unexpected for all the sellers. Here are the top reasons for Amazon seller account suspension and ways to avoid it.

#Inauthentic​ ​Complaints:

An inauthentic item is defined by Amazon to be a product that was purchased from a disreputable seller. This does not necessarily mean that the products are fake or counterfeit. They may be perfectly legitimate products. Buyers might file these complaints with the hopes to receive a refund on their purchase, or free shipping.

To reduce your inauthentic complaint feedback, be sure to properly package all your items before shipping to decrease the possibility of damage while in transit. You might consider using a different delivery service. You also might consider opting out of FBA so that the products you trust, your own, are not commingled with products from other sellers. Having too many inauthentic item complaints can lead to immediate suspension.

#Poor Seller Performance:

Reasons behind Websites Poor Performance innovins

Amazon is reviewing your seller account and evaluating your seller performance. Amazon focuses primarily on its own image and credibility amongst its huge customer base, therefore any ups and downs in your performance impact the image of Amazon directly.

If you are a new seller on Amazon, then you must pull up your socks to convince Amazon of your potential through seller performance.

#Copyright Infringement:

Copyright Infringement

Another type of suspension of an Amazon account is caused due to Copyright infringement which is a type of intellectual property issue which means using images or text belonging to someone else when creating an Amazon product listing. For a seller to use those images or text, he /she must have approval from the rights owner. Without prior approval, if a seller uses any images or text belonging to someone else then the owner can register a complaint with Amazon and they will suspend the account with a performance notification stating the same.

#Negative Feedback:

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A negative feedback can act as a stimulant to account suspension. As soon as negative feedback arrives, try to quickly reply back. In case of some other bitter practice that you can sell, try to contest against that feedback and resolve it.

#Invalid Credit Card:


There are a lot of instances where your account is suspended because of the Credit card issues. Some of the problems faced related to the credit card are:

  • Update the credit card information
  • Payment failure or Invalid card

After receiving performance notification for updating your card information or to enter new card information Amazon suspends the account till they receive the information for the same. You need to update your card information as soon as possible when you get this type of notification before amazon suspend your account.