Troubled by Intellectual Property Infringement On Amazon?

Are other Amazon sellers selling your products without your consent? Then you can use your rights and report them against these policy violations. It is important to understand this and hire an expert with extensive experience and knowledge in this area.


What is Intellectual Property Infringement on Amazon?

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace. They take immense care in ensuring that their customers receive only good products and services from genuine sellers. Amazon will never sell infringed products or violate intellectual property rights. Amazon will make sure that legitimate sellers own the products on their marketplace.

You report infringement of IP if:

  • Any image of your product is used without permission.
  • The product comes from any other supplier.
  • The products are wrongly sourced from the market.
    The products are sold without any proper license.

Types of Amazon IP Infringement

  • ASIN Level infringement
  • Seller Level infrigement
  • Product detail page infringement
  • Amazon image copyright infringement

What will happen when you report IP infringement on Amazon?

We will review the account and collect the required information to report the account. It includes the identification of the infringed IP, a written description about the copyrighted work, ASIN or URLs of the infringed products, nature of the infringement, your contact address and other details. Note that it may lead to a complete suspension of the reported account after you report.

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