AppealGuru Suspension Prevention Service Premium ( ASPSP )

Your business is unique and made up of real people. Their jobs may depend on your Amazon seller account. You’ve invested capital in inventory and branding. We will work alongside you to solve your problems with Amazon.

Account covered: Amazon Europe Account (add additional accounts for half price)
Services managed through Amazon User Access

  • 1x Holidays cover (Seller Account Management,15 days per holiday)

  • Express Unlimited Appeal services for your account throughout the year

  • All Policy Warning responded professionally.

  • 5x Amazon Listing SEO per month

  • 2x  Enhanced Brand Content per month

Appeal Performance Notifications

Our team will tackle your performance notifications as they arise, preventing issues from escalating into an account suspension.

  • Inauthentic claim
  • Counterfeit claim

  • Used sold as new

  • IP/Counterfeit infringement

  • Trademark infringement

  • Copyright infringement

  • Misusing ASIN variations

  • Late shipment rate

  • Order defect rate

  • FBA warnings

  • Low tracking rate
  • Late shipping rate

  • Restricted product removal

  • The Not matching product detail page

  • Invoices not meeting date requirements

  • Safety complaints

Every account is different but here are some examples of what we cover in the monthly reporting:

  • Account Warnings History

  • Reason for Returns Analysis

  • Bad ASINs that you should stop selling

  • Risk Management

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