Amazon Storefront- Your very own brand store on Amazon

Amazon storefront is a dedicated page that is offered by Amazon marketplace to its sellers who have approved Brand registry. Here you can display your products in a better and more attractive manner. Various templates are available for the brands to select for their store. All they have to do is select a theme and upload the files. The store builder tool will do the rest for you. Amazon storefront was created with the idea present all your products & services in a single place.

Why should you create an Amazon Storefront for your Business?

Brands can create an Amazon storefront utterly free of cost. Having an Amazon storefront enhances your search visibility. You gain better control over how your products must be displayed. Above all, you get a dedicated spot in this vast marketplace, where you can portray all of your products. You get the advantage of enhanced content, tabs, and format.

Tips to consider while creating your Amazon Storefront

Mistakes to avoid while creating your Amazon Storefront

  • Add lifestyle images for better brand communication
  • Choose a theme that resonated with your website
  • Ensure there aren’t any incorrect pieces of information.
  • Conduct content checks to avoid rejections.

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